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Massive Loop, VR platform, (client work)

Massive loop, A new, immersive, and high-fidelity VR Metaverse built for creators and players.

A beautiful metaverse built by you

Massive Loop is a place where you can build your own world without the need for any programming knowledge.

Work done

  • 1. Design conceptualization
  • 2. High fidelity figma prototypes

The redesign process

Building high-fidelity prototypes for a unique platform requires a unique way of thinking about the design. I knew that the folks over Human Mode wanted something futuristic, sleek and flawless. With that in mind, I managed to capture the client's vision onto the new prototypes within reasonable timeframe.

screenshot of figma
massiveloop page 1
massiveloop page 1
massiveloop page 1
massiveloop page 1

"Sliman delivered a slick 4 prototypes for us in a very reasonable time frame. That was creative and high quality. Thank you!"

—William Kerber, CEO of Massive Loop VR & Human Mode LLC.