Rodbell, Pharmaceutical Company, (Design Concept)

Rodbell, a pharma company that is busy inventing medicines and vaccines for many of the world's most challenging diseases

Why compete if you can
create brand new market?

Rodbell radically shifted its positioning to more of a comprehensive way of branding itself in the pharma industry, resulting in building special attribuites, no competitor are able to imitate

Work done

  • UX/UI Design
  • Website development
  • Brand Guidlines


rodbell logo variations
rodbell logo variations

Color Schemes






1. Outlining the structure of the website

By planning the website and outlining the content before I get too far into the design process, this way, we're much more prepared.

website draft stage

2. Creating high fidelity prototypes of the website

Building high-fidelity interactivity frees me to focus on observing the test instead of thinking about what should come next.

website prototype stage

3. Manifesting the prototypes into a world-class website

website final version
website mobile version
website mobile version 2