SoftSwitch, Smart Home Company (client work)

SoftSwitch, Algeria's first fully-fledge Smart Home Solutions.

Your home, at your fingertips

SoftSwitch, a work that began as a passion project is now Algeria's most reliable and affordable smart home solution. Working on this project has been a complete journy of endless joy. Partially because it was my first time working on different platform other than the web but mainly because of the wonderful people involved in this product.

Work done

  • Mobile UI design concepts
  • High fidelity design prototypes
  • Coding the design (nativescript/xml/sass)

SoftSwitch, Algeria’s first fully fledged smart home solution

Being new and fresh, SoftSwitch needed something to single them out of the crowd. People sought more for affordable solutions and SS gave them just that.

screenshot of softswitch logo
screenshot of softswitch app
screenshot of softswitch app
screenshot of softswitch app
screenshot of softswitch app

Nativescript vue, All too native

technology used in the app logos

Working on this project exposed me to a diverse stack of technologies. And one of the most intersting platforms was Nativescript Vue. NS is a fairly new framework compared to other solutions and have a steep learning curve. But because I was so intersted in the project, I made the grave mistake of learning it (just kidding). On a serious note, It's really great tool for busy JavaScript developers that don't have the time to learn new language and want to build mobile apps using only JS & Vue.

screenshot of softswitch app